Day 61, 6/5: M-1137, PA 850 -Gus (17mi)

This was last nights campsite on the outskirts of Boiling Springs. Perfectly situated between a corn field to the left and the railroad tracks 20′ to the right. ~5 long trains came through during the night.

Today’s hiking was mostly though the farmland of the Cumberland Valley. We were often in swaths of trees next to corn fields.

Here are the Allegheny’s on the horizon as well as some ominous weather.

Amber waves of grain.

Always a welcome sign…This trail angel lived just up the way and left a cooler out with sodas and beer.

Back into the woods.

Back onto farmland (blaze on post).

My friend Gus joined me for the last 6 miles and the climb over Blue Mountain…with good views of the Valley and a storm brewing.

We took a very quick break at the Darlington shelter as we heard thunder rolling in. I was able to get cell service and check the weather radar…not good!

Hi Darlington’s (my Denver friends/neighbors)
We were caught in the biggest rain I’ve hiked through so far and the trail turned into a river. We popped out of the trees just as the rain let up. Unfortunately, this part of the trail had not been mowed in a while (I swear there is a path in there). I got way wetter hiking through the tall grass (known as the car wash effect) then I did in the downpour (with my umbrella).

Here is Gus hiking through the car wash. It was even higher in the previous pic.

The rain and mud (lots of slick mud) was far more palatable knowing I’d have a warm dry bed as well as a shower and clean laundry at Gus and Christy’s house. Christy even set me up with her foot bath massager and fancy therapeutic salts! I could get used to this every night.

Tomorrows plan is to take most of the day for town chores and in the afternoon Gus and I will hike the 9 miles from where I got off trail to Duncannon and Christy will pick us up and bring us home…2 nights in a row in a bed. On Tues morning Gus will drop me back off in Duncannon and hike with me for a bit before we go our separate ways.