Day 76, 6/20: M-1423, Fahenstock SP (20mi)

This is Babs who was kind enough to give me a ride back to the trail at 5:30am…Thanks so much!

The Bear Mtn. Bridge from the other side.

This is Dave from VA who was section hiking for several nights and has covered quite a bit of the AT already. We hiked and chatted for about 1/2 my day. I’m Hoping he feels better tomorrow as he had a long first day in hot and humid conditions which took a toll.

I didn’t take many pics today. Unfortunately, my leg seemed to have regressed by lunchtime and I was hobbling. Needless to say this had me concerned. A cold water compress, some elevation and Advil somehow made for a miraculous lunchtime recovery and I was fine the rest of the day!

Rich picked me up again today (~5pm) and I stayed with them (Amy, Cubby and Emma) in Granite Springs (Somers, NY). It was great to have one more night to relax and shower again before hitting the trail tomorrow bright and early.