Day 59, 6/3: M-1098, Toms Run (26mi)

These are hikers looking very disappointed because the Caledonia State Park pool Snack Bar did not open at 11am or at all even though the sign clearly says Open Daily !

One of the very cool shelters in Pennsylvania…bunks on both sides with a covered picnic table in the middle.

This is a cabin that ATC members can rent… I had lunch under the covered porch while it sprinkled.

After yesterday’s rocks (and more this AM) this was a welcome stretch of soft pine needles to end the day on.

I have officially made halfway on the AT !

Only 1094.55 miles to go. The sign gets moved every year b/c the distance changes as the trail gets rerouted or moved.

This is Wanderer playing his Banjo-lele with One Shot listening. I shot some video I will try to upload when I have wifi. Wanderer actually spells his name: Juan Dürrur

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