Day 58, 6/2: M-1072, Tumbling Run (26mi)

A beautiful start to the day with views of Maryland farmland.

Later that morning the trail got a little rough. These sections of rocks are both physically and mentally taxing. That half mile felt like an eternity!

It’s nice that someone mows a swath for the trail.

I stopped at the Raven Rock shelter for a break… it’s an impressive looking structure.

It even had hardwood floors!
Made it to Pennsylvania. A slight wrong turn at a poorly marked intersection landed me on a road…at least it had a proper welcome sign for a selfie.

Back on the trail…

This impressive shelter setup was home for the night. It had a clothesline, TP in the privy, covered picnic table, a creekside location , cold Cokes in a cooler… And,

separate Snoring / No Snoring shelters.

My feet were more sore than normal today. I think it’s a combination of the miles, the rocky terrain and the fact my boots have over 1100 miles on them. Luckily I have new boots arriving this weekend.

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