Day 60, 6/4: M-1021, Boiling Springs, PA (24mi)

This was last nights home. There were also some nice tent spits next to the creek.

Juan Dürrur decided to cowboy camp under the picnic shelter.
At 8am I arrived at the Pine Grove Furnace State Park General Store, home of the halfway-1/2 Gallon Challenge.


Not quite..those containers don’t quite have 1/2 a gallon like they used to. So we had to eat another pint to finish things out. That’s a lot of ice cream especially at 8am! Took me an hour to recover before I could start hiking again.

Glad I wasn’t doing it for the big prize…the glory was more than enough.
The 1/2-gallon challenge log book had some impressive times. One Shot did it in a very competitive 25 minutes! (He’d be psyched if he could do his Ironman swim leg that fast)

That much ice cream could have made this a tight fit later in the day.

We dropped from the mountains into the farmland of the Cumberland Valley and Boiling Springs, PA.

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