Day 57, 6/1: M-1047, Annapolis Rocks (25mi)

An early start to beat the heat. The bridge crosses the Potomac and we enter Maryland.

Although flat, the 3 miles along the C&O canal path is kind of boring and terribly hot if done during the heat of the day…. A pretty view at sunrise at least.

This is the great looking Garvey shelter I stopped at for a quick snack break.

Mid morning was perfect timing for some trail Magic from Diane who lives nearby…fresh strawberries hit the spot! She has a son who lives in Denver and she has a 2nd home in Breck…small world!

The original Washington Monument

Views to the Valley floor.

Crossed over I-70 today…

23 hours and three turns by car I could be home with Andrea and Buddy !

The sunset from my dinner spot at Annapolis Rocks (camped 100 yds away in the woods)


3 thoughts on “Day 57, 6/1: M-1047, Annapolis Rocks (25mi)

  1. Hi Dean! We are so happy at your house! It’s like going back in time since it seems like spring is just springing and we left ny in what felt like full summer. It’s just beautiful here. I think we will hike to rainbow lake for lunch tomorrow. We are also thinking of doing the Leadville train. Thoughts? And what would you recommend – biking from breck to Frisco or vail to Frisco? Hope to see you soon – wish you could transport yourself here for a day 🙂


  2. Hooray for Maryland! There’s a sign on I-70 out there that says “Denver 1760 miles”. I have a photo of it from when I moved here 🙂


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