Day 22, 4/27: M-356, Unaka Mtn. (14)

The Noilchucky River flowing near Erwin, TN.

A view of the Mountains we descended from town.

Salty and I are riding bikes from our lodging into town (4-miles) for breakfast at the Huddle House (think Waffle House). Salty had coffee, two eggs, waffle soaked in butter/syrup, a double order of French fries and a milkshake. I had OJ, waffle, fries and a vanilla shake (pics next time for sure).

Ran into Odie with the Hiker Yearbook again (last seen on Day 3).

This is a footbridge over a creek we followed on the pleasant hike out of town.

Someone got creative with their log end cuts.

Trail Magic stop #1 today (sweet tea, Apple and a brownie).

The view from Beauty Bald.

Trail Magic stop #2, a can of Coke to go 🙂

We pitched our tents just in time before the rain came around 7pm on this wonderful bed of pine needles. Luckily, the rain cleared for a bit before bed.

The following are some pics Salty has taken (of me) over the last couple days. iPhones’s AirDrop makes backcountry file transfers a breeze!

I didn’t even realize we stayed in the same room as Earl Schaffer (the first AT Thru Hiker) in Hot Springs.

One thought on “Day 22, 4/27: M-356, Unaka Mtn. (14)

  1. Looking green out there! Glad spring caught up to you. Sounds like a great group on the trail you are crossing paths with!


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