Day 20, 4/25: M-321, Low Gap (20)

I totally forgot o get a picture this morning of our great campsite in the meadow…I need to be better at remembering those pics. The pic above is from some Trail Magic at Devils Fork Gap. Ice cream Sandwiches and soda…perfect snack eight miles in on a beautiful sunny day.

A selfie shot with some other hikers and our Trail Angel to my right. He drives his camper around all summer up and down the trail giving out trail magic.

A refreshing cascade coming down Laurel Mtn.

Salty assessing where we’ve just climbed from with the trail switch-backing below us.

This is a pic from one of the shelter registers. Andrea drew this awesome Bug Juice pic and I had it made into a stamp. The registers are a good way to keep tabs on people you’ve met who might be ahead of you and also pass along useful info to other hikers (spring is dry, bear activity here yesterday, etc).

Some wildflowers are starting to bloom.

This is how Salty (Legs) got his name.

Hiking into the early evening through a beautiful high mtn. meadow.

20 Miles has been the magic number lately as camp spots seem to keep popping up at this distance. My Achilles tightness and foot bruise was significantly better today. I was feeling strong with no discomfort until about a mile before camp. Today’s biggest bother is some muscle tightness in my lower back…oddly not from my pack. If someone out here has a foam roller I will be all set !