Day 18, April 23: Mile 273, Hot Springs, NC (11mi)

Woke up in the clouds on top of Bluff Mtn.
Kind of like Gorillas in the Mist.

A fast 11 miles got us to the super friendly trail town of Hot Springs, NC.

The AT goes right down Main St. This sidewalk marker reminds me of the Camino de Santiago.

There is a ministry that devotes a volunteer and this building on the left to hikers…snacks, coffee, wifi, info., etc.

My cozy bed at Elmer’s Sunnyside Lodge.
I will try to remember to get a picture of the outside tomorrow (an 1847 Victorian).

Salty’s very organized resupply.

My resupply box was waiting for me, although a little worse for wear….not sure what USPS does to these things? Another big thanks to Andrea for shipping this out to me and holding down the fort back home.

Even though I got in at 12:15 it was a long day of running around: dry out/ clean gear, eat showers, eat, laundry, eat, organize gear, eat, organize resupply, eat, journal/blog, eat. One thing that helps to keep me on task is I make a list of all my town chores I want to take care of as I hike in the days leading up.

I’m going to bed as it’s way past hiker midnight (9pm)…its just about real midnight !