Day 21, 4/26: M-342, Erwin, (21)

  This is our campsite we left this morning. A couple other folks were camped near us.
   I started hiking at 7am and climbed to the top of Big Bald by 8am…a bit windy but impressive clouds.

Big scary trees near the Bald…

Kind of looks like a haunted forest.


Drying sweaty gear out in the sun at a lunch break (love the hiking pole sick drying technique).

This is a video of Salty doing log Acrobatics:

I hiked with Apple Cheeks the last 6-miles to Erwin. We’ve leapfrogged her the last couple days. She’s one of only a handful of folks I’ve met who’s clearly on the “Varsity” team, bustling out 20+ mile days.
This is the same bear from several days ago…Salty forward me the pic he took.

I got into Erwin,TN today a popular trail town the AT skirts. I picked up a resupply box Andrea sent to me that should get me most of the way to Damascus, VA, one of the most well know towns on the AT (the trail runs right down main st.)

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