Day 23, 4/28: M-377, Roan Mtn. (21mi)

This little guy greeted me just after my 7am departure. I think he’s a newt.

More great views.

This is DirtMan, a local trail angel giving out bananas and Mtn. Dew

This would have been a great camp spot.

I met Lucky at a shelter during lunch. He’s doing a small section hike but he finished an AT thru hike last year at age 72…so impressive!

View from High Rock Knob

Delicate flowers on the way up Roan Mtn.

We entered a very dense Spruce forest before summiting Roan Mtn, our last peak over 6000′ until the White Mtns of New Hampshire.

It was a long day with a lot of climbing but definitely feeling strong and the minor nagging pains are getting better. My back still has some muscle tightness…too much constant tension between hiking and bending over (filtering water, setting up tent, etc). A good massage would be great in Damascus, VA.

It’s almost 10pm, well past hiker midnight (sundown), I’m going to bed!

One thought on “Day 23, 4/28: M-377, Roan Mtn. (21mi)

  1. You are doing a great job of sending photos; I love seeing photos with you & the people
    you’re meeting. Definitely look into some sort of massage therapy in Damascus; as
    described in a book about this writer’s thru-hike, a foot massage did wonders to rejuvenate
    his feet. I hope you manage to dodge the heavy rain forecast for the central Appalachians.


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