Day 31, 6/3, Death Canyon Crk, M-731, 27mi

For the next ~250 miles the trail will not cross a road (dirt, paved or otherwise). Resupplies will require hiking off trail to get to roads and then hitching into a town. The first of which requires a 15mi roundtrip hike with a 3700′ of elevation change and then a 15mi hitch.

The scenery has made a dramatic change over the last 20 miles. Hopefully, these pics capture some of that.

The Kern River is running strong…luckily, no fords today. The water is freezing. I stick my feet in at lunch to clean them off and I could last about 15 seconds per foot.

Desert wildflowers with Sierra granite domes on the horizon.

Rivers and meadows…the first we’ve seen so far.

The sun was still warm as we climbed from 6000′ to 10,700′ so the umbrella is still welcome.

Plenty of snow over 10,000′. These guys are from Israel and snow is a new experience.

The spectacular Gomez Meadow….but the Mosquitoes were fierce!

Home for the night at Death Canyon Creek. I’ll need to check on the story behind the name.

The first extended time in snow went fairly well.
Navigation is made easier with my PCT-GPS phone App. And most of the snow was on the downhill side so boot skiing was kind of fun.

2 thoughts on “Day 31, 6/3, Death Canyon Crk, M-731, 27mi

  1. Thanks for writing this blog! I love seeing all of your great pictures and interesting trail lore.

    Cheers from Loco’s Mom


  2. Listening to music or books? ANd using GPS! how do you keep your stuff charged! Impressive! You should do a gear summary sometime. 🙂 Be careful on that snow!


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