Day 85, 6/29: M-1606, Congdon Shelt (25mi)

I wouldn’t have deemed it buggy enough to justify setting up a tent inside the loft, but to each their own.

It poured overnight, but the rain cleared out by the morning with just mist and fog on the climb up Mt Greylock.

They must get some serious wind to warrant tying down the outhouses.

Bascom Lodge, Mt Greylock…
a great place to relax, charge the phone, and get a fresh baked muffin.

Got a quick view of Williamstown.

The whole area is very hiker friendly…these folks will loan you a bike to get around town.

They left us an assortment of chips to choose from on the way into town.

The AT literally goes down this person’s driveway and they were nice enough to provide access to water.

Two big milestones:
Made it to Vermont and passed mile 1600 !

Beaver ponds…and keeping an eye out for moose.

Home for the night.

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