Day 84 6/28: M-1583, Noepel Shelter (25mi)

The early morning parting shot from the Cookie Lady’s blueberry farm.

I love it when the AT goes right down Main St…In this case the little hamlet of Dalton, MA Later in the day I walked through Cheshire, MA.
I enjoy the sudden contrast from the deep dark New England woods.

This isn’t a great pic…but this is a porcupine I saw about 10′ away in the middle of the trail that proceeded to scurry up this tree.

A lot of bogs and marshlands, also a lot of toads and frogs.

I find the ponds a bit more attractive. .

This is Mt. Greylock in the distance (the highest pt. in MA and tomorrow’s destination) with the town of Cheshire below.

Cheshire reservoir.

A classic old New England cemetery.

It wasn’t overly hot today but definitely humid which can make the climbs feel like a real sweat lodge. The final climb of the day on the way toward Greylock was the longest sustained climb I’ve had since the Blue Ridge, 700 miles ago.

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