Day 78, 6/22: M-1466, Mt Algo (22mi)

This is the oldest Oak tree on the AT….
over 300 years old.

Early morning boardwalk hiking at its best.

Near Pawling, NY you pass the AT Metro North train stop which will take you to NYC in about 2hrs.

An interesting looking water tower/rocket ship.

I Officially made it to New England and passed the 2/3 mark today. Only 723 miles to go.

There was a lot of trail side Trail Magic today…nothing better than an ice cold soda in the middle of the woods on a warm day. I met Croc n’ Roll in PA (but not his parents).

What’s New England without a covered bridge?
Does anyone know why they needed to cover the bridge? I don’t…these are the things I think about while hiking.

The bridge was a short detour off trail as well as a nearby convenience store (ice cream sandwich, a bagel and iced tea hit the spot). These guys (the Sam’s) were up for the day from Chappaqua, NY (current home of the Clintons and next door to the town where I grew up) and gave me a short lift back to the trail.

A view of the Houssatonic River Valley.

Tonight’s home was a first…I’m the only one here! Quite a difference from even just a couple weeks ago.

My leg felt much better today and the swelling is about 90% normal. The only real pain comes when my toes are pointed down…usually when I misstep on a big rock. Luckily, the poles help mitigate this most of the time. I’m hoping this can be fully healed by the time I get to the White Mtns which have a lot of gnarly climbs and descents. I have about 300 miles and two weeks to get myself better.

4 thoughts on “Day 78, 6/22: M-1466, Mt Algo (22mi)

  1. YAY! Connecticut! Well done! Ice that leg when you can! ouch. looks painful. you are so close now! Who will you see next on the trail now that you are in New England?
    take care,


  2. Congrats on your entry into New England! I think the bridges are covered to withstand the elements and extend the life of a wooden bridge enduring harsh NE winters. We will be launching our expedition to Maine on 7/19. Maybe we can catch up with you somewhere in ME.


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