Day 77, 6/21: M-1445, Telephone-Pioneers Shelter (24mi)

Rich was kind enough to drive me back to the trailhead at 5:30am. Thanks for being such great hosts (Amy, Cubby and Emma too).

This is lake Canopus. Rich tells me the locals call it Lake Can-O-Piss. If it were in Colorado it would be called Lake Cannabis.

The Catskills on the horizon.

The BPH shelter made a fine stop for a mid-morning break.

I love the rolling farmland views through the trees.

This is one of the more impressive Maple trees I have ever seen. Wish I had someone standing next the trunk to give it some scale.

Not sure of the story behind the name, but Nuclear Lake looks pristine.

Home for the night…The Telephone Pioneers Shelter (not sure of the story behind this name either). Only one other person at the shelter and another camping near by. Unfortunately, the water source I was counting on was dry But Luckily, things had cooled off and I could make do til morning on the tiny bit I had left (a water spigot is 1-mile up trail tomorrow).

My leg did ok today…not great, but nothing terrible. Luckily the terrain was modest and it should continue this way for the next bit.

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