Day 42, 6/14, Saddle Camp, M-1449, 23mi

It was a rather uninspiring morning as we hiked through privately owned logging land…most of it clear cut 😦

A a clearing by for some power lines provided a great view of Mt Shasta at least.

Then another view…

Just as I thought we were cruising into a stress free 27mile day the snow returned (snow line is ~5500′ here). Slipping, slidin, navigating, and progress slowed to a crawl.

The last 4mi through this took 3hrs.

One more Mt Shasta view.

There was one dry patch of land and I called it a day at 7:15pm. 5 of us were all camped on top of each other because it’s so difficult to find a place to pitch a tent. . You can see the snow in the background which was drifted about 8-12 feet high in places.
LoBro made it to camp about 8:30 and were happy to see this great (flat and dry) little camp spot. I think we are all starting to suffer PTSD (post traumatic snow disorder) every time we hit the snow.

The remnants of a sunset.

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