Day 40, 6/12, near Burney, M-1397, 27mi

It rained a bit last night and cleared out by morning but it was cool and damp way to get the day started m. We hiked about 4 miles and were able to stop by JJs Diner just of trail for a big breakfast and great place to warm up. We prob spent two hours there! We finally got hiking again around 9:30

Here’s Loco enjoying the cloud obscured view.

Most of the day was on the Hat Creek Rim. This is a long waterless stretch (~30mi) but on a day like today with cool temps and full cloud cover it wasn’t much of a concern.

Crossing a cow pie infested creek/pond (water=no bueno).

More views from the rim.

There is actually one place to get water along this stretch…from a water tank (made famous in the movie/book Wild). There’s is actually a newer tank that holds the water (but not as photogenic).

The clouds would part ways every now and then which made regulating body temp more challenging than normal. Jackets must have come on/off 1/2 a dozen times.

The sunset from my campsite.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that the bear canister requirement in Lassen is definitely justified. We saw fresh bear tracks in the snow all day and saw a large male just as we were leaving the park…he ran off quickly when we gave a yell.

One thought on “Day 40, 6/12, near Burney, M-1397, 27mi

  1. Dear Bug Juice,
    I am really enjoying the pictures and story of your journey through Northern CA. looks gorgeous! Thank you for posting!


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