Day 38, 6/10, Drakesbad Camp, M-1348, 20mi

It was about an 8mi hitch from Chester to the trailhead…a lonely road at 6am on a Saturday. Luckily Gandhi rolled up in his sweet VW bus.

The four of us were riding in style (me, Loco, Bronco and Salty).

Gearing up at the trailhead. A beautiful Northern CA forest with giant trees.

They even have bridges over their creeks!

A great lunch spot on a cooler day with just enough sun to stay warm.

As we entered Lassen Volcanic Park we checked out a smokin’ hot fumarole!

Approaching Drakesbad Ranch in Lassen NP.

Loco and Bronco showing off their stuff.

There were about a half a dozen of us at the Warner Valley campground under the big trees.

Today was a pretty relaxing 20 miles. By the time we started hiking it was 6:45. We took a couple relaxing breaks in the sun and still made it to our destination near the Drakesbad Guest Ranch by 3:00. We would have normally kept going but Lassen NP has a rule requiring backpackers who stay overnight use Bear canisters (which we had already sent ahead). So most PCT hikers get in and out of Lassen in one day (16mi). So we are camped the last place before the boundary.

It’s raining a bit right now while inside my tent. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow and there is quite a bit still on the ground at elevations over 6500′ which we’ll hit tomorrow. At least there aren’t dangerous stream crossings to contend with 🙂

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