Day 29, 6/1, Manter Creek, M-694, 25mi

Some exciting milestones have recently been checked off the list… I have now completed 25% of the trail, and I am finally inside of 2000 miles to Canada. Although, that first Milestone sounds impressive the second still seems kind of daunting! How is that I’ve gone almost 700 miles yet still have 2000 to go? I just keep focused on the fact that this is just a series of 3-5 day backpacking trips.

There was a very distinct cloud layer we hiked through on our climb up to 7000′ this morning.

Pretty soon we were above them 🙂

I still can’t get enough of the desert flowers. Pretty soon they will be a distant memory will as it will all be buried in snow!

More giant (and lethal) pine cones with huge barbs. This is from a Gray Pine.

About 40 mikes to the north (on the horizon) you can see the snow covered Sierra Nevada range.
I could even make out Mt. Whitney (14,500′). The change in landscapes over the next several days couldn’t be more drastic.

I had a camping buddy tonight next to the creek.

A sunset over the Domeland Wilderness Area.

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