Day 82, 6/26: M-1538, Shaker Campsite (22mi)

It’s been very civilized hiking the last three days by coming back to this wonderful cabin each night: eating, swimming, socializing with family and friends.

This is Calvin the terrier. He likes hanging out at the lake house too but not getting wet.

After crossing the Houssatonic River for the last time and a small climb there were great views of the ridge I hiked across yesterday.

It turned into a steamy day so cooling off at this pond was refreshing. I saw a juvenile black bear not too far from here in Beartown St. Park. Then saw him again a mile later when I stopped to filter water.

Home for the night was a campsite in an old Shaker Village settlement. Not sure why the tent platforms were the needed…I just set up in the nice soft pine needles. Unfortunately, the whole area was full of mosquitos and there wasn’t the slightest breeze on this warm summer night 😦

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