Day 74, 6/18: M-1404, Bear Mtn Bridge (9mi)

The Sunrise view over the Hudson and NYC from inside the shelter.
The skyline all lit up.

Mountain Laurel in full bloom with the Hudson in the background.

At the top of Bear Mtn. (very easy destination from the metro area) there was every hikers dream…a Pringles vending machine! (I passed on this as it was only 8am).

A selfie from the top with B-Hiker and Mother Goose.

The beach at the bottom of Bear Mtn.

…and a pool.

…and a zoo!
When you are “the Bear” at Bear Mtn. State Park zoo you can just hang out in your hammock all day.  

Crossing the Hudson on the fantastic Bear Mtn. suspension bridge. My friend Rich met me here then took me back to their house 20mins away.

It was a great day for seeing all of (almost) the Weins (Babs, Lew, Amy, Cubby, Emma, Jeff, Libby, Declan, Ella). This is a selfie with baby Emma.

I’m also taking a full day off tomorrow to recharge, rest and recover! Less than 800 miles to go.

6 thoughts on “Day 74, 6/18: M-1404, Bear Mtn Bridge (9mi)

  1. Hey Bug Juice! We met while you stopped to check out the pool near the Bear Mountain Zoo. Thanks for taking the time to share your story and I hope the shin splints heal up quick. You’re on the adventure of a lifetime. 🙂

    Good luck the rest of the way to Mt. Katahdin!



  2. I knew there is a zoo in Bear Mtn. park but to see a bear in a hammock was a big surprise!
    (Was that just to taunt the hard-hiking AT-passers by? Especially after that video of the
    lemon-squeeze & previous photos of some formidable rock climbing!)
    Who are the parents of baby Emma? She competes with your wonderful grin for cuteness!
    Hope your rest day & visit with friends gears you up for further challenges ahead in
    the White Mtns., which I know are not imminent but soon enough!


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