Day 72, 6/16: M-1373, Wildcat Shelter (24mi)

The morning started with a small climb then a very impressive mile long boardwalk through beautiful marshlands.

There was even a cable suspension bridge over the creek and swamp area.

Rain showers came and went several times but not a big deal because it was fairly warm.

I made a mid morning stop at the roadside Heavin Hill farmstand.
They were nice enough to give me a bag of ice which made a huge difference for my leg. I walked almost normally with minimal pain for the whole afternoon.

It’s great to see lakes and ponds again.

These little guys were right in the middle of the trail eating something. I shot a short video I will try to post later.

Welcome to NY !

A lot of rock scrambling greeted us

This section was so steep they bolted in a ladder.
It had just rained for 45 minutes which made things even dicier navigating the boulders.

Luckily, the end of they day took us by another roadside farmstand…with homemade ice cream. (Unfortunately, no ice for my leg?!)

But they did provide a hiker charging station.

An impressive view for eating ice cream over the Warwick Valley.

My leg made big improvements today so hopefully I’ve turned the corner. There’s still discomfort and swelling but the pain was minimal and my range of motion was better.

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