Day 15, 4/20: Mile 222, Tri-Corner Knob (20)

The forest seems to have changed on the East side of Clingmans Dome.

Word had spread on the trail that there would be Trail Magic at Newfound Gap…although we were misinformed that it would be pancakes and bacon.

Luckily, hikers aren’t too picky…this was a Thru Hikers Dream 🙂 Big thanks to the Trail Angels from Knoxville, TN !

Happy hikers stuffing their faces.

We are now officially inside of 2000 miles to Katahdin …still a daunting number (coincidentally, my birth year).

Classic Smoky Mtns scenery.
Afternoon tree tossing competition.

The shelter was very crowded, even the tents sites were slim pickings. Look at all the food bags being hung. In the Smokies you have to stay or camp at the shelters so we start to get bunched up. Only 2 other hikers left the shelter we were at this AM. Most of the others here tonight did 8-12 miles to get here.

Overall, it was another long day. I was hiking by 7am and got into camp at 6:30pm, but the weather was fantastic again (probably about 10 hours of actual hiking.) it will be three more days until a small rest in Hot Springs, NC…that will be well earned 🙂

Sorry for not getting back to folks sooner who are posting comments…I do appreciate them! I only have good signal occasionally, so I plan to catch up in Hot Springs.

7 thoughts on “Day 15, 4/20: Mile 222, Tri-Corner Knob (20)

  1. I am used to backpacking and hiking in wilderness areas in CO and CA, where sometimes you don’t see another human being for days. Your Appalachian hike seems so different from that. Hope you are having fun.


  2. 1972!!!! Wow amazing.
    Still looks like u r having a blast. We just returned from 4 days of Abel Tasman. Amazing. Not 4 months though! I will send pics when we get them off camera.


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