Day 5, 4/10: Mile 58, Tray Mtn Shelter (14mi)

It was a busy day…I was hiking at 7am (sunrise) and it was just above freezing. The miles were pretty mellow so I made good time (plus I hike fast when I’m cold!). I caught up to Mace who left before sun up and we hiked together for about 5 miles. Then I continued on to Unicoi Gap, 8.5 miles in, to catch a ride into Hiawasee to resupply.

I hitched a ride pretty quickly from
a nice couple from Nashville and was in town just after 11am to pick up my resupply box. I was planning to stay in town but the weather was good so I took two days of food and left the rest at the motel where I could get it tomorrow night by hitching back from another road xing up trail…plus it’s supposed to storm tomorrow night. I hitched a ride back to the trail with a nice guy named Phil who lived in town.

There was some Trail Magic set up right I the trailhead parking lot (soda, hot dogs, cookies, chips), plus some chairs to relax in. I chatted with a couple hikers I’d met who caught up to me (Zack to right of me and Chris and Florian in the back).

My phone/camera was on the fritz all day so not many pics. I don’t think the battery likes the cold weather 😦 There were some great views on top of Tray Mtn.

This is Never to Late and his dog Hiccup (Rat Terrier-Blue Healer mix)…

View from campsite jut below top of Tray Mtn (not my tent…

Mace’s cool hammock/tarp setup….

My tent after sunset…

Was thinking of camping at Mile 60.9 but the name kind of creeped me out…image
Should be a shorter day tomorrow (11mi) and looking toward to a shower and clean clothes !

2 thoughts on “Day 5, 4/10: Mile 58, Tray Mtn Shelter (14mi)

  1. Wow. Amazing. So many people. I am loving reading the blog. Very fun. You seem to be able to carry a lot of supplies.
    Stay safe!


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