Day 0, The Storm Before the Calm

Everyone has been asking me if I have all my gear and supplies ready for for my departure, but that was the easy part. It’s a lot more work getting ready to put one’s life on hold for 4-5 months..making sure bills get paid, dealing with loose ends for work, saying goodbye to friends and family. I was worn out by the time I got on the plane to Atlanta this AM. Starting the hike will be much less hectic. Thus, the Storm before the Calm.

It was a quick 2hr 15min flight, the pack went in the overhead bin, jumped on the MARTA (Atlanta train) to the end of the line where the Hiker Hostel shuttle was waiting for me. Then a 1.5 hour drive into the mountains to their cozy lodge near Amicalola Falls State Park and Springer Mtn., the official start of the AT.

image There were about 20 other hikers here either starting tomorrow or a couple days into their hike (we are near a rd crossing 20 miles from start). I relaxed and wandered around the property enjoying the late sunset (8:00) over the Appalachians. image
Looks like nice weather for tomorrow’s start 🙂

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