Test Drive

Decided I should test drive my Zpacks Hexamid tent overnight in the backyard. I chose a freezing cold night (22 degrees) to see how it handles condensation and also see how well my 30 degree down bag  worked with the Sea to Summit Thermolite sleeping bag liner.

I also tested out a Mylar bag inside the sleeping bag to see how much  that helped out the warmth.

Prognosis, minor frost build up on inside of tent (condensation), Thermolite was great , Mylar burrito…gets a bit clammy and obviously, crinkly. The only thing chilly were my feet, probably just need better insulation from the ground.

The Thermolite weighs in at just over 9 oz and I’d have to ship it home when nigh time temps warms up. The Mylar burrito ways 2.5oz and I would just throw it out when it wasn’t needed anymore.

There will likely only be a couple of nights below freezing at the beginning (The Smokies), so I’m leaning toward the disposable Mylar. I’ll make the call after I check the 10-day forecast right before my departure.


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