Day 19, 4/24: M-301, Bald Ridge (12.5mi)

It was a little hectic this AM due to the fact there was an active fire just north of town on the AT. We were trying to come up with a plan and secured a ride from this fine gent taking us about 30 mins North to Allen Gap by/passing the fire and ~15 miles of trail.

We were on the trail by 11am and had a beautiful day for hiking, although temps started to get a it warm (upper 70’s). This is one of many incredible views we had today.

There was a steep climb to a very cool ridge walk.

View from our lunch stop on Big Firescald Bald.

Same pic with me in it 🙂

Passed mile 300 today and someone was no CE enough to leave a sign in the ground to mark the occasion.

We camped among the trees on top of Bald Ridge

The sunset from camp.

The progression of aches and pains always surprises me over the course of the day. When I get up in the morning I can barely stand up straight to go to the bathroom because everything is stiff and creaky. When I start hiking the back of my heels are usually sore and stiff and I feel like the Tin Man needing to be oiled. Within 30 minutes I feel significantly better and within an hour I feel great and strong . Then around miles 17-20 the feet and heels can start to feel sore again. Most days I’ve been taking 400mg of Ibuprofen in the AM, PM and bedtime…It makes a huge difference. The top of my left foot above my big toe still gets sore throughout the day but double socks seem to help. Recently, the outside of my left ankle area has been getting sore.But a good nights rest does amazing things to restore the body

Good night 💤

4 thoughts on “Day 19, 4/24: M-301, Bald Ridge (12.5mi)

  1. Great that you are enjoying such wonderful weather & views!
    That bed at Hot Springs lodge was a welcome change, I imagine, from continuous camping.
    I appreciated reading about how your body is faring under this mileage onslaught! Glad
    to know you feel great & strong as the morning progresses, & that ibuprofen is such an
    effective med. (I hope there’s no ill effect of 4 months of close to continuous use)
    I hope you don’t encounter any wildfires as you’re hiking! The NYT weather page today
    wrote about very warm weather that includes your hiking route & how it could contribute
    to wildfires. I’m confused what was in the re-supply box you got in Hot Springs compared
    to what you could buy in town to re-supply.


    • Small markets in small towns have odd hours and limited supplies. Plus I didn’t feel like spending my minimal off time running around buying/organizing food… Better spent showering, laundry, email etc.


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