Day 13, 4/18: Mule 183, SpenceField (19)

Started the morning networking a ride from the hotel lobby at 7am. George and Barbara were nice enough to drive Salty Legs and me the 2mi to the Marina where we left the trail yesterday. They were quite excited to talk about the AT and hiking.

Barbara and I at the start of a beautiful day.

View from the marina.

This is the AT shelter at the dam known as the Fontana Hilton. It sleeps 24 and has free showers nearby. (The Fontana lodge was way better though 🙂

The famous Fontana Dam (great scene from Fugitive was filmed here).

Entering Great Smokey NP !

Views from the first climb (4000’+ uphill today).

Fantastic trail with blue skies, although it got a bit warm (70’s ?)

One of the awesome GSMNP shelters.

Tomorrow we will go over Clingmans Dome, the highest point East of the Rockies.

2 thoughts on “Day 13, 4/18: Mule 183, SpenceField (19)

  1. Having done a couple of 3000 foot climbs (in 3 miles!) in the Cascades (one being the infamous hike that involved Liz, pregnant with Tuck at the time, having to switch packs with Tim because his was heavier and he was struggling) I know from experience that a 4000+ foot climb is no joke. Nice job!


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