March 17, Appalachian Trail Planning and Blog Start


The AT Guide by Awol

Compared to some of the other Long Trails (and some shorter trails) there is far less planning that needs to be done to take on a Thru Hike of the Appalachian. A great resource for planning (both before and during the hike) is The A.T. Guide by David “Awol” Miller. It is incredibly detailed and displaying so much information has been well thought out, not to mention he updates it every year with additional online updates in between. Towns along the way are readily accessible every 3-5 days and no permits are needed before departure, so it was simply a matter of making the personal commitment and booking a plane ticket to Atlanta.  

I will be spending the bulk of my time before I leave organizing all the things that need to be taken care of while I am gone for 4-5 months.
This is not to say I haven’t been obsessing over gear choices, resupply strategies and other preparations, but ultimately, I already have everything I really need and I won’t be in the middle of nowhere should I forget something.

Another planning respouse I have found very helpful has been Trail Planner tool. It helps determine how many days I will likely need to complete the trip and where I might want to plan resupply. I’ve attached a screenshot to give you an idea, but I’d encourage you to check out the website.


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