Day 9, 7/25, 26mi (M-226): Creek by Divide

The climbing started pretty much right out of camp. There was a lot of climbing today but the weather held out even with all of the storm clouds in the vicinity.

Lake Ann just before creating the Pass.

The final approach of Lake Ann Pass with my shadow in foreground. Some years the snowfield can have a tricky cornice to navigate well into late July. This year it was a non factor as the trail skirted just above it.

The view to the West with Taylor Park reservoir in the distance.

The normally elusive Pika held still just long enough for this pic. Not sure why this one obliged …typically they are darting around diving into the rocks.

Storm clouds to the North were getting kind of close.

There are actually two moose in this lake… a couple hundred feet below the trail.

The trail spent a good portion of the afternoon above tree line following the ridge (the Continental Divide).

A family of Marmots.

This was today’s elevation profile. The 7000’ of climb was extra tough since most of it was above 11,000’ (the dark black line) and there were a lot of stretches over 12,000’.

Home for the night at 11,900’.

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