Day 8, 7/24, 21mi (M-200): S. Fork Clear Creek

I slept in today…5:55am! As it was only 5mi to the Twin Lakes General Store and they don’t open til 8:00 (so I thought…actually 9am). I didn’t set my alarm for my normal 5:15 wake up call. Temp were mild in the mid-50’s and it was easy hiking to the store.

Twin Lakes in the background.

A much better view of the lakes.

I think this is Mt Hope.

The free for all of resupply boxes in the storage shed at the general store…luckily mine was still in there! At least they don’t charge anything for the service.

After a couple hours of relaxing at the store, charging batteries and eating ice cream and coke it was time to start climbing up to Hope Pass…definitely the steepest climb so far (4 miles and 3200’ of elevation to an altitude of 12,500’).

My favorite switchback of the hike 🙂

The last view back toward Leadville.

The menacing clouds and sounds of thunder dissipated and the views on the south side of the pass toward the Collegiate Peaks were fantastic.

I finished my day around 6:45 at a great campsite next to a creek.

First thing tomorrow I will make my way up 12,500’ Lake Ann Pass and then the end of the day will keep me above treeline for quite a few miles into the next day. Hopefully the weather holds out again!

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