Day 117, 7/31: M-2189, Mt. Katahdin (11mi)


I was on the trail at 5:15am for the final 5 miles and 4000′ up to Mt. Katahdin. (It was disappointing to see this sign call it Baxter Peak)

The weather was perfect with AM temps in the 50’s and blue skies. The shadow in the valley below is from Mt. Katahdin.

Incredible views on the climb up.

I hiked around some of those lakes over the last several days.

Then the trail really started to ratchet up…it gained 1700′ in the next mile. That’s just ridiculously steep and these boulders are huge. I would no longer consider this hiking…more like Class 4 technical rock scramble.

Here’s the spine we were climbing up.

Then you reach a flat-ish area called the Tablelands before the final last push to the top.

2189 Miles later !

The view of Maine’s wilderness was stunning.

This is the ridge we ascended.

I decided to take a different way down called the Abol trail. It drops ~4000′ in 3 miles in a mess of boulders.

Look who made a surprise visit at the bottom! Turns out my parents were on vacation in Bar Harbor (~100 miles away) and I finished at the perfect time for them to come see me and pick me up.

The parting shot. 
I will do one more post tomorrow with some final thoughts.

10 thoughts on “Day 117, 7/31: M-2189, Mt. Katahdin (11mi)

  1. Congratulations! I am very happy for you. I have been following you progress on and off as it gives me a good idea of the landscape that “Little Kiss” is hiking. He is also in Maine, but perhaps a week or more behind you. He is healthy and hiking with “Lucky Dog.”


  2. Wow! Amazing! Well done. Say hi to your parents from the cowies.
    What a great accomplishment! Way to go. I enjoyed reading all your posts.
    Maybe we wil do this when we retire. For now we are planning our next hut trip !!
    What next for u??:)


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