Top 3 Things You Might Not Have Thought to Bring Bacpacking

  • An Umbrella, is great for not just the rain but also the sun. The big advantage is that you don’t overheat like you would in a rain imagejacket, especially when climbing up hill. It’s not too difficult to rig up to your pack so it’s hands free.


  • A Homemade Selfie Stick is perfect if you are hiking alone or with a partner. The kind I rigged up uses my trekking pole and a lightweight mini tripod, a Bluetooth shutter remote, and a phone tripod adapter. It’s important that the tripod come with a Velcro strap accessory so you can attached it to your trekking pole. There is also a cool product called the StickPic (no need from the tripod).image
  • A USB Battery Pack is super handy for charging GPS, phones and headlamps. I use my phone a ton for mapping, reading, guidebooks and pictures. I find a battery pack is much more reliable than the current solar chargers on the market. The imagebatteries come in every size imaginable. I might bring a small one that for a weekend trip that will give my phone one full charge, or a larger one for an extended trip where I might be off the grid for 5-8 days. Luckily, these items are pretty cheap so it can be worth having a couple in different sizes. (you can spend more if you want).

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