Arcteryx Stradium Pants Review

Hiking in long pants has always been a struggle for me. While the morning might start out cool enough to warrant long pants as soon as I start going uphill I’m generating enough body heat I just want to strip down to my shorts.

The Holy Grail: Arcteryx Stradium Pants

But then I get to the top of the climb, which is often exposed and/or windy, and I immediately want to put my long pants back on. Other times the air temp might not justify long pants but I want to protect myself from vegetation and bugs (overgrown trail, poison ivy, mosquitos) or intense direct sun (the desert or reflecting off of snowfields)… but once again, there is still the overheating issue.

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Darn Tough Socks

What are the best socks for a thru hike?

Durability and Performance:
If there was ever a true test of a hiking sock’s durability, a 2200 mile thru hike surely qualifies.

I’ve tried many different hiking socks over the years with varying results. As most already know, anything made out of cotton is out…absorbs too much water and they take forever to dry. For many years I was big fan of Smartwool but they seem to wear out surprisingly quickly (especially for the price). So my sock of choice now is a brand called Darn Tough out of Vermont (but widely available). They are a wool blend which makes for a more durable sock…so much so that they have a lifetime guarantee…now that’s standing behind your product! Continue reading