2018 Colorado Trail Gear List

Everyone Loves Gear!

My gear list consist of many of the same items I used on the AT and PCT. The biggest change is I decided to try out a a Nemo Hornet Elite 2p tent. This tent is one of the lightest in the semi-fresstanding category…the bonus being it has two separate side entry doors.

The total baseweight came in around 11lbs. I’ve found that I don’t really notice much of a difference from weight savings once I get much below 12lbs, and I can’t realistically get below 10lbs without sacrificing safety/comfort. Most people (including me) notice these additional weight savings on long food/water carries when total pack weight might be 28lb vs 30lb.

Ultimately, it’s usually a better use of mental energy and finances to save these final pounds by understanding how much food and water is actually needed for any given stretch.  For example, reducing your carried water by 1- liter saves ~2lbs. Reducing gear weight from 12 to 10 lbs could cost you $1000. It always kills me seeing someone carry 4 liters of water and $600 ultralight tent…kind of like ordering a Diet Coke with a super-size double Big Mac.

2018 Colorado Trail Gear List…

(still amazed how all this stuff fits in backpack!)


Shoes: Altra Olympus

Gaiters: Altra

Socks: Darn Tough (crew-no cushion)

Compression Calf Sleeves: Zensah

T-shirt: 32 degree cool (Costco)

Shorts: Patagonia Nine

Baseball hat: quick dry amazon

Sunglasses: orange lens

Trek poles: Fizan

Packed Gear:

Bacpack: Osprey Exos 38

Tent: Nemo Hornet 2p Elite

Stakes: 5x V-stakes (12g ea)

Sleep Pad: Neo Air regular

Sit Pad: Cheapo eBay

Sleep Bag: EE Convert (20 degree w/overtstuff, 23oz)

Polycryo Pack liner (homemade w/inflator hardware)

Zpack Food Bag

Zpack stuffsack

Umbrella: Chrome Dome (attachment to pack)

Trowel: Deuce of spades

Homemade Polycryo Pack cover

Packed Clothes:

Hiking sleeves: Smart Wool

Leggings: 32degrees (4oz)

Down jacket: Montbell ultralight sweater (5oz)

Long sleeve: Outdoor Research Echo Hoodie (4.5oz)

2nd hike socks: Darn Tough

Sleep socks: Possum down

Rain pants: MontBell Versalite

Rain jacket : Berghaus Hyper 100 (3.5oz)

Glove: convertible fleece mit

Waterproof Mit: Borah





Filter: Sawyer Squeeze

Bleach Drops

Water bottles: 1L-Smart Bottle

Bladder: 1.5L Evernew

Homemade Dipping cup nests on smart bottle

200ml protein shake container

Hydration tube w/bottle adapter

Spoon, knife: lexan

Utility Razor blade

Head lamp: Petzel e+lite

Lighter/matches, Fire starter

Repair Tape (Tenacious)


Hot Hands Handwarmers (1x)

Lithium Batteries for headlamp

Sil Wallet




Guthook Guide App download


Trails Illustrated Colorado Trail Map

iPhone (camera)


Charge cord/plug (3amp)

Power Bank: Anker 10,000ma+ cord


Refillable Sunscreen container

Nail clippers (Nail File)


Toothbrush/ paste


Ear plugs on cord


Advil / Naproxen/Imodium/Ambien/Allergy meds

Wet wipes



Duct Tape

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